Alma Garden Pantry

Branding and packaging for a fresh approach to fast food.

Alma offers a new approach to fast food by making freshly made healthy salads available in a self-serve vending machine. A customizable approach of choosing the base, protein, topping and dressing allows consumers to personalize their meal, while the vending machine provides access to the product 24/7.
To showcase this unique approach and the raw ingredients of the product a simple and tactile visual language was created that shows Alma’s thriving nature while setting them apart from competitors. A bold colour palette, simplistic icons and witty copy complete the aesthetic. The brand focuses on simplifying the user experience and minimizing waste through stackable and reusable packaging.
Reuseable plastic mason jar style packaging with menu and pattern screen printed on it. 
Menu is screen printed on the side of the vending machine, in a flow chart style to help customers build their custom salads. 
(L) Advertisements feature bold copy and humor (R) Tote bags are available for purchase and help to further marketing
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